Jermaine Magandazi

Ugandan Immigrant turned Entrepreneur, Jermaine wanted to find a way to incorporate natural ingredients into popular skin care products starting with one of the most essential skin care products in the world. Lip Balm.

“I was always losing my lip balms left and right. I couldn’t finish one without losing it halfway” I did some research on the natural healing effects of beeswax as well as coconut oil and African shea butter and through some trial and error I was able to craft the perfect Lip Balm. It was with this curiosity and attention to quality that led me to create our ​Bombini’s Own Lip Balm ​ as well as our ​Aromatherapy Candles ​ and ​Essential Oil Perfumes ​.

Our slogan is Natural products made from Natural Ingredients and we stand behind that 100% from our environmentally friendly sourced beeswax to our USDA Organic Coconut Oil down the African Shea Butter, Bombini’s Own is all about quality products at an affordable rate.

Ingredients from Uganda

Products Made In The USA

We source our ingredients from local vendors in the Pearl of Africa. Quality is key
so we ensure that from the beeswax we utilize in our candles and lip balms to the
shea butter we use in our lotion. All of our products are made from scratch with
ingredients that have passed our thorough quality checks so that by the time it
reaches your hands you can be assured that it is certified
Bombini’s Own approved
through and through

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